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Localiseinmalta is about a vision and a practical goal: to develop media and culture access on the island. This implies providing linguistic and sensory access to media content and cultural sites via audiovisual translation and accessibility modes. 

The site is intended mainly to host local initiatives, research output, guidelines, and projects that are contributing to the implementation of this vision. It also shares other global-oriented publications, research, and training initiatives.

Inclusive museums. 
Collaboration with Heritage Malta
New publication
on Quality Assessment in translation for dubbing


Local subtitling guidelines & specifications
Local Media features

Achievements & impact checklist:

1. Set up a postgraduate specialisation stream at the University of Malta.
Aim: to create a pool of skilled professionals (Running since October 2018, to-date approximately 37 trained AV translators, locally) 

2. Continuous liaison with local stakeholders to raise awareness, set up pilot projects, establish a new professional practice and develop a new media access sector.
Aim: to enable the availability of newly trained resources and to trigger a new market demand.

3. Ongoing applied and experimental user-centred research to identify local potential demands, norms, strategies, user preferences.
Aim: to develop language and culture-specific guidelines.


4. Impact projects such as inclusive audio descriptive museum guides for local heritage and cultural sites & inclusive subtitles for local productions

For more info on the Master in Translation and Terminology and the audiovisual translation specialisation at the University of Malta, click here.


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