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  • SPITERI MIGGIANI, G., 2014. Screen Translation and adaptation for dubbing purposes: a creative and technical process. In: C. BRIFFA, ed, Translation Studies from Malta. Malta University Publishing.


  • SPITERI MIGGIANI, G., (manuscript). An industry in the making. Developing media and culture access in Malta.  

Articles and chapters


Other Research output

  • SPITERI MIGGIANI G. (forthcoming) Eldorado della Laringe - Vicende inedite di artisti in viaggio nel mediterraneo fra ‘700 e ‘800. Avellino: Edizioni Sinestesie.

  • SPITERI MIGGIANI, G., 2006-2020. 400+ broadcast scripts: Italian Translation and Adaptation of Super Quark, Atlantide, Castle, Big Bang Theory, Banshee, Suburgatory, Dirty Sexy Money, Make it or break it, Dexter, House MD, The tomorrow people, Longmire, Undateable, Ashes to Ashes, Dracula, Psych among other TV series, Documentaries and Movies. Italian dubbed edition edn. Rome: Disney/ABC, Warner Bros broadcast on RAI & Mediaset

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